Sankofa Journey

A Ministry of Earthen Vessels Community Church

Sankofa (Akan Twi) – “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten”

Journey (Modern English) – travel or passage from one place to another

Purpose Statement

To create a safe environment where individuals will explore their thoughts and feelings on race and ethnicity, learn from one another, seek to further educate themselves, and promote change.

Vision Statement

People will be capable of having authentic and gracious conversations about race within their circles of influence.

How We Began

Receiving an award at Norwood’s 1st Annual Juneteenth Celebration for our discussions.

Sankofa Journey started as a response to the murders of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Hurt, angry, disappointed, and very tired, we knew we needed to minister to our community somehow. We invited a few close friends to a back porch; three families, black and white, of varying religious backgrounds, intentionally conversed about our individual experience, ignorance, and ideology about diversity and equity. From there, we utilized social media, inviting friends to join us for discussions. Soon those friends invited others and the discussions continued.

Where We are Now

Our One year celebration

Since then, we developed a series of four phases of discussions. We’ve had special four-week discussions on different writings by famous authors. We’ve invited speakers from various backgrounds to share their story. We’ve led a trip down to Birmingham, AL. Over 200 individuals have “gone back” to discover what they believe and understand about race and ethnicity. Because of these meetings, they have begun to impact their home, neighborhood, town, state, and country.

Join the Discussion

A visit to the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham

We have discovered many people (of all races, ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, genders, religions, and political affiliations) wanted that same intimate discussion. We present an opportunity to slow down, recollect our thoughts, and figure out what we truly believe. For more information on specifically what we do, how you can be involved, or to see a list of recommended resources please click here.