About Us

Dereck and Becca Jackson were ministry partners before they were life partners. Together they have ministered in Birmingham, AL, Dolton, IL, and the south suburbs of Boston, MA. They truly believe ministry is relationships. Married for 22 years, they are parents to Sarah (21) and Benjamin (20). Dereck and Becca love to travel, visit the ocean and meet new people.

Becca and Dereck


Vision –Equipping people to equip others to grow closer to God and one another.

Mission – We impact our community with the values of God’s kingdom by encouraging a Christ-centered life. 


1.     We Value the Individual Person – Every individual is formed in the image of God and has been blessed with unique God-given gifts and talents.

2.     We Value Personal Spiritual Growth – We are all on a daily journey to discover more about God, ourselves, and the world around us.

3.     We Value Community – We seek to connect people beyond barriers that keep us apart.  

4.     We Value Service – In serving one another and those beyond our walls, we grow in our ability to connect with God and others.

Earthen Vessels Community Church is a church plant supported by Converge Northeast.