What We Do

Sankofa Journey offers a number of services including our 4-phase series, 3 and 4 week topical discussions, book club, trip to Birmingham, and our resource list. To receive our newsletter, join one of our discussions, ask a question, or utilize our services with your organization, please email us at info@justclay.org.

Phase 1: What? 2 hoursWhat do I believe about race and ethnicity? Where do these ideas come from? What can I do with these thoughts?
Phase 2: Now What?1.5 hoursWe continue the journey of discovering our thoughts on race and ethnicity and how we can impact our community.
Phase 3: So What?2 hours (2 1-hour sessions)We listen to other’s stories and find ways to understand their worldview and evaluate ours. Participants are expected to not just listen to our panel, but also follow-up with a small group discussion to process what we’ve heard.
Phase 4: Back to What!1.5 hoursWe begin thinking about how we can facilitate discussions like these.  How do we bring about change with people who might have a very different opinion of race?  How do we allow them to feel safe enough to trust us?
Our four phases are offered at various times throughout the year.

Previous 3 and 4-week Topical Discussions

  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail – Martin Luther King Jr
  • “The Danger of the Single Story” TedTalk Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • What is Critical Race Theory? Selected firsthand sources

Book Club

Book Club meets three times a year, each on a different book.

May – Sankofa by Chibundu Onuzo

September – The Girl with Seven Names by David John and Lee Hyeon-seo

Januaray – TBD


We are confident these are not the only resources out there, but it’s a start. For a list of resources, please email us at info@justclay.org